Teacher Resources

The ABOTA Foundation believes that teachers are the primary guardians of democracy.  Through their knowledge and skill they teach the next generation about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Recognizing the integral role that teachers play in the defense of liberty, the ABOTA Foundation has created resources and opportunities for teachers and students to grow in their knowledge of the Constitution, the judicial system and civic engagement. For questions or for more information please contact civics@abota.org.

Civics Renewal Network

The ABOTA Foundation is part of the Civics Renewal Network. On the Network's website, teachers can find the best resources of these organizations, searchable by subject, grade, resource type, standards, and teaching strategy.

James Otis Lecture

Created to educate and inspire students across the nation and to provide them with appropriate knowledge of and respect for the U.S. Constitution, the JOL series helps schools comply with the requirements of the federal statute that created Constitution Day, and requires all federally-assisted schools to provide civic educational programs about the Constitution each year on September 17.

Justice by the People

The Foundation partners with Scholastic, Inc., the largest educational publisher in the world. The Justice by the People program is a free online resource for teachers with downloadable lesson plans that are aligned with national teaching standards for social studies and language arts to help teachers meet respective state curriculum and Common Core standards.

Teachers Law School

Teachers Law School is a crash course in civics for teachers, led by experienced lawyers, law professors and members of the judiciary. The ultimate goal of the program is to equip teachers with the knowledge and tools to foster an appreciation among their students for the value of the American ciivil and criminal legal systems.

If your local ABOTA chapter would like to host a Teachers Law School or James Otis Lecture or if you have any questions about the Foundation's civics programs in your area, please contact the Foundation office at civics@abota.org.